PSA: Heat Kills

Theme / Brief:

There has been a steady increase in heat exhaustion incidents over the last few years. The RSPCA reported 8,290 calls relating to animal heat exhaustion – 90% were about dogs trapped in hot cars. 

More has to be done to take care of our furry friends.

The majority of our time was spent studying materials. We walked around photographing cars near the office, we even took a steamer to our windows to see how condensation built up at different angles, distances, and over time. We also put together a library of stock images that helped us get and understanding of how the condensation should look.

We hand-painted over 40 different versions trying to achieve the right combination of surface imperfections on the car and windows. 

The paw prints were created using several custom brushes. The paw prints themselves are built from stock images while the drips used a custom particle brush — a brush that simulates drips


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