Little Mexico Cantina

Theme / Brief:

Little Mexico Cantina was trying to raise awareness of their baja style fish taco and their participation in the Vancouver Foodster competition. Since Vancouver Foodster is a people's choice award, the more engagement they were able to create the greater chance they would have of winning. Our job was to create visuals that would make you do a double take the way their food makes you come back for seconds.

Little Mexico Cantina wasn't struggling to bring people in, but once customers were at the restaurant there wasn't enough people ordering their baja style fish taco and voting. We decided to focus our efforts on converting existing customers.

The images shown here are their pre-existing promotional images

Images by Client

We reached out to Carol, the owner of Little Mexico Cantina, and offered to help — she was thrilled! But would this new image resonate with customers in a way their previous images hadn't?

By displaying the image in-store, Little Mexico Cantina created a talking point for their customers. “What's that taco? We want one of those!” They started to gain traction immediately!

Traditionally, deconstructed food images are shot on platforms or wires — we even tested it.

Ingredients were drooping — it felt lifeless.

We needed real motion. It's the difference between smiling when you're happy and smiling because someone yells "CHEESE!". Authenticity creates better results. 

By throwing the food, we let gravity work its magic.

The image was used as a large display in the restaurant garnering interest in the taco. It led to increased awareness of the contest and brought in new votes. They went on to win the Vancouver Foodster People's Choice award in 2017 and 2019, along with several other awards!


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