Kim Crawford Wines

Theme / Brief:

For their sponsorship of the US Open, Kim Crawford Wines and Cavalry ad agency tasked us with creating video advertising that would help drive traffic to their website while correlating a love of tennis with a love of Kim Crawford Wines. 

The content was used on Kim Crawford Wine's social media, which saw a 52% increase in engagement in comparison to previous month's posts, and an over 100% increase in engagement since the year prior.

Their video request was specific: a bottle of wine surrounded by a tower of tennis balls, seven balls tall. Unfortunately, seven tennis balls would be way taller than their wine bottle.

To do this practically, they would either need to custom make a huge wine bottle or miniature tennis balls — both of these would be expensive and complex. Additionally, they would have required a special machine to hold the balls in the tower shape and drop the balls.

Our Solution? Create it in 3D! No worrying about building custom props, and it would allow them to significantly reduce overhead costs.

As part of our research and development, we had to figure out how to mimic tennis ball bounces. Using simulations, we are able to recreate the way a tennis ball would bounce in real life, but there's no easy preset. We tested several iterations before settling on the bounce in the final animation.

In addition to creating the animation, we also handled the retouching and compositing for the print advertising.


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